U B U D : B A L I

Hello from Ubud bali! It’s both Nikki and I’s first time here so what better way to do it then with each other! We are spreading our time between Ubud & Seminyak.
This post, is all about Ubud. We are here for 3 nights. We have our own Villa which is beautiful. We arrived quite late on our first night so not much to write about there, however we did have a very interesting dinner and I think Nikki ate a Dog… not by choice mind you!

Day 1 // We woke up to a very odd noise at 6am.. Any bali Locals out there care to explain what this is? Like a musical siren with a very evil deep voice over it? Curious to know.
Today was all about exploring and relaxing. We went into Ubud Central for breakfast!
Ate at the Lotus Café which had a beautiful scenery, delicious food and amazing fresh juices. No better way to start the day. From there we headed to the Art markets, getting lost in the stalls, finding great little items and bartering like no tomorrow. Its so interesting to watch how much they start the prices at and what it ends up being. From there we went to Viceroy hotel. Oh My God If you didn’t see my snapchats, google that shit. It was like a dream. Our driver took us in, going through security and getting greeted by the most humble Indonesion people. We then met with the manager, a French Canadian named Yinn. He gave us the run down and we headed to the pool. We met our waiter for the day, Balix. He was great.
First things first, a few snaps, orders of cocktails and calamari, then straight in the pool. I have never been so breathless with a sight. The infinity pool which looks over the Ubud Forests is truly something else. Nikki and I were both speechless, pinching ourselves that we were somewhere like that. Euphoric is how we would describe it. We spent the best part of the day tanning in 32degree sunshine whilst sipping frozen margaritas. After a few good hours, the cocktails hit Nikki and I was getting a tad to burnt. We decided it was time to get some food! We said our goodbyes to Yinn & Balix then our driver took us back into Ubud. On the hunt for some food and a fruit market we stumbled across a cool little place called Gedong SiSi. We sat in this little hut and ordered some delicious food and a few cocktails, was happy hour. 2 for me and water for Nikk. After devouring the meal, Nikki came across a caterpillar.. Poor girl really isn’t having any luck on the food front. Of course the restaurant were really apologetic and we got half the meal for free. So tell me, whos the real winner? Now to find a fruit market. We were craving fruit. But no.. stopped on the street by ‘Sexy Taxi Driver’; kind of worked out as we did need a ride home. And what a car ride that was, he had a guitar and a maraca so of course after a few cocktails we created a band. Im on the guitar, Nikki on the Maraca and ‘sexy taxi driver’ on the harmonica and dashboard drum. What a laugh.
Finally back to our villa, Greeted by the owner Gede. Quick swim in our pool, an attempted work out, and lazing in our robes.
Gede dropped by to tell us some good news about tomorrow. I wont tell you yet as that will spoil my Day 2 writing.
What a first day, if the next 7 are anything like today I don’t think ill want to leave… (Future Jaci problems). For now I am waiting for the kettle to boil, talk soon.


Day 2 // I am exhausted. Today was all about exploring. If you know me, you’ll know its my favourite thing to do. We woke to breakfast in bed, everything was great apart from the coffee, Which we came to the conclusion was like grainy mud. Cant wait to get to seminyak and have a good cup of coffee.. yas please. After breaky we had a small problem. Nikki has somehow lost her visa card… shit. We tore the room apart, no discovery. Must be lost in Ubud central.. No money had been taken out or used which was a relief and we just did a few cheeky transfers and good to go! We met with our driver and headed to Bliss Spa, ah the serenity. We walked into this little forest and met with Ayu. She explained what we were doing today and we were so ready. Heading through the forest greeted with Ginger water and a funky pair of black nickers to wear, Like a shower cap but with two holes haha. Anyway, time for an hour long massage.. so relaxing. Once that hour was up we began an hour long facial. Anti-aging because you know, we have to protect our young skin! These women know what they are doing, I have never felt so rejuvenised. Our skin was literally glowing. After the spa day we headed out to the Tegalalang rice fields, Ubud. WOW. No other words. Insanely beautiful and green. We had some lunch, and took in the view. Next was Mount Batur Volcano and lake. Mount Batur is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas, Last eruption 1999 – 2000. Another breathtaking site. Only thing disturbing about this place was the men.. Nikki and I kept getting approached and as we were leaving one grabbed me. We ran to our car and the driver had the door open waiting for us, he could tell we wanted to leave. So off we went. Arriving at the Tegenungang Waterfall to many tourists we knew we were in for a treat. The sight from the top was all inspiring and the steps down led to something magical. We got under the waterfall, which was powerfall and had a strong undercurrent from the falling water. After our swim we climbed back to the top, that was our daily workout. Home time.. We were both feeling quite unwell as we hadn’t eaten much only drank a few litres of water. Going down a windy mountain with a stomach full of water was a disaster waiting to happen, we made it home before anything eventuated. Relaxing night, after a long day. Off to seminyak tomorrow, time to pack my bag and get a good nights sleep. I’m pretty sure we have a bird in our roof somewhere though, so hopefully it doesn’t chirp to much. Night xx

That is the end of Ubud.. 2 full days of adventures and now off to Seminyak. I hope you enjoy the read, and like the snaps! I highly recommend everything we did in Ubud, have loved our time here! Excited now for days filled with cocktails, tanning & beach.

J xx

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