S E M I N Y A K : B A L I

Well that was different to Ubud. So much to do, so much to see. Walking down Seminyak’s main street there were some very western shops. Stuff that I see back home in Aus, however down all the side streets you get those Balinese market vibes. There is also the flea market which you can find some good bargains at!
First things first, COFFEE & food. We were on the hunt, and Seminyak delivered. By far my favourite coffee place was Revolver, if you haven’t seen them on Instagram or on your travels to Seminyak I highly recommend you do! Not only is the coffee amazing there, the food and service is second to none. We were there every day, and every day we were not disappointed. They sure do make a good ‘cup of love’.

Fortunately, before we got to Bali we had many tips given to us of Must do’s and sees. A friend of mine had a list that he and his friends had created from there many trips to Bali. He kindly sent it to me, and we ticked off the majority of the list! I will attach it below.
Over our time in Seminyak, I didn’t take a huge amount of scenic photos purely because we were having so much fun and the photos we got were selfies *cringe*.
I have never laughed so much! We met so many people and created great friendships. Two british men from Whitby were never short of having us in hysterics, it sure made the holiday even more memorable!

My top 3 places would have to be;

MOTEL MEXICOLA // (we were lucky enough to stay right next door) This place is incredible! And as Nikki says, a very fine establishment. Again, the service was incredible, the food amazing and the partys at night even better. We were there for the Cinco party and my god, what a night that was. Tequila Tequila, and ill leave it at that!

REVOLVER // You just have to go and you will understand what I mean. Deny, one of the staff members there has a little place in my heart now to. Also early morning coffee with Justin Bieber over the speakers was a beautiful way to wake up.

LA FAVELA // We went here for dinner, and the atmosphere in this place was epic, not only that but It was if you were walking into a different world. Over a glass bridge through the tropical flora. Inside was a very dim lit, authentic venue. Outside which had running water features, and so many trees you could also sit. Was like a little forest out there, only strange thing was the bathroom. Ladies don’t get scared, its okay. After our meal, more people started arriving, until all the tables where we were once eating had disappeared somewhere and the space became a dancefloor!

Be sure to check out ‘the list’ below if you’re ever stuck on what to do in Bali!

Breakfast –
– Sea Circus (great prices and super funky décor)
– Pettitenget (make sure you were clothes here.. a bikini will not be accepted haha)
– Sisterfields (this reminded me of a café straight out of Melbourne, if you want western, this is your place)
– Corner House
– La Lucciola
– REVOLVER (need I say more? All over amazing)

Coffee Specific –
– Revolver

Dinner –
– Mamasan
– Sarong
– Motel Mexicola (MUST DO)
– Lacalaca
– La favela

Bars / Restaurants –
– Woo Bar
– Potato Head
– Rock Bar
– Double Six
– La Plancha
– Cocoon
– Ku De Ta
– La Favela
– Old Mans

Beach Clubs –
– Single Fin
– Finns
– Potato Head
– W Retreat
– Ku De Ta
– El Kabron

Enjoy xx j.

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