L O N D O N : U K

I love this city. How can you not? After all its home to the queen and everything you need in a place. As soon as I landed in London a sense of relief rushed over me, a feeling I can’t describe. As if I was getting closer to being home.. Which in a way I know is true, im on my way to Scotland.

A few days in London to myself was what the doctor ordered. My friend Louis was ever so kind as to let me stay in his apartment while he jetted off to New York. I arrived early morning and headed straight there. Picked the keys up from the ‘Caravan’ café. If you’re around Exmouth Market I highly recommend it. Great food and coffee! two essentials after the amount of flying I had just endured. Louis apartment was perfect, could I get any more central to everything? No.

I won’t write to much as what I did in London only involved a lot of eating, coffee, catching up on jet lag, and adventures throughout the city.
My favourite day was Friday the 13th. I caught up with my dear friend Chris for breakfast; which as always, was amazing. Then I was doing a little bit of business, which will all be revealed soon enough. After that was complete I walked to greens park, over to Hyde and onto Marble Arch. I made my way back to Greens park and took 5 on the grass, laying down reading my book, amongst many other people embracing the 22degree sunshine London had turned on for us.

All in all, a perfect 3 days in one of my favourite cities.
I’m on the train now to Scotland. Its been nearly 3 years since I left.. the time has flown and I’m so ready to return. Excited is an understatement.

Ciao for now,
xx .j

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