B I A R R I T Z : F R A N C E

Its been a while between posts, I’ve been a little busy working and creating!

Yesterday I travelled in the car for 1 hour and arrived in FRANCE. Living in Australia, you drive 9 hours and you are still in the same state.. same country. Safe to say my mind was blown. I got lost in France, and what a joy it was.

I explored the streets of Biarritz and the little beach villages that surround it, I watched the surfers, drank delicious coffee, walked the streets, devoured crepes and churros, shopped up a storm in Saint Jean De Luz and of course ended the day with a nice glass of Rosé.
I will gladly go back to that part of France. Such a relaxed, beach, coastal vibe which I love. I cant wait to explore more!

A few snaps from the day and I will have a link to the video I made on here once I have finished editing it.

Merci et au revoir
x .j

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