S A N F E R M I N : P A M P L O N A

San Fermin, Pamplona // Running of the bulls // Friday 8th & Saturday 9th of July 2016

That was hands down, THE most epic weekend of my life to date!
I have never experienced ANYTHING like it. Alanah and I were 2 of the 1,000,000 people that attended San Fermin. How insane is that.

I arrived to Pamplona quite late on the Friday (I say ‘late’ however its actually early for the Spanish), around 9pm. It should have been easy, get off the bus, onto another, find Lan’s at our apartment, and head out.
WELL, amongst the hundreds and thousands of people – I. got. lost.
Typical. Anyway, after walking around the city centre, going against a parade trying to get through I finally found where I should have been.
I cried of joy when I seen Alanah! It had been nearly 6 months since I last seen her and here we are, together, on the other side of the world!! EPIC. Safe to say we are in for some amazing adventures. As cheesy as it is, this girls my soul sister.

We were both so tired from our travels, Lan’s still recovering from jet lag and travelling from Barcelona that day, however we braved it and went out. Arriving in the centre to a firework show and everyone dressed in red and white, we couldn’t believe we were there. No words, just that look of ‘holy shit, we are here!’. Dinner at 11pm, standard in Spain. Then follow the crowd (we had no idea where we were going so best to just follow the people). We met a group along the way and found the little streets that were packed with people and party. Heading down through the narrow buildings, stepping into bars, drinking sangria, dancing.. its hard to describe the feeling we had. It was nearly 4am, time had just slipped away, we headed back to the apartment to get some shut eye as we decided Saturday would be the all nighter.

Being morning people we still woke around 8am. Back into town, breakfast and shopping, oh; and sangria of course. There were these epic little markets run by Jamaicans that we did NOT expect that were very cool, we did 6 Laps up and back. Found a bar with sangria the size of our head so of course, we had to. Around 2pm we headed back to the apartment. Tried to have a siesta; didn’t really work. We got up, ready in 5 minutes (Lan’s and I are easy girls. No makeup, just fix the brows and we out) then into town. We found this bar that was selling 1.5L bottles of sangria for €3.. Now that’s trouble from the start but who were we to turn it down. 6 bottles purchased, 9L of sangria.. We located a nice spot on the grass in front of live music where we sat in the sunshine drinking away. After a while we whipped out a drinking game and after that, who knows what happened. My snapchat story told a better story than I ever could. Next minute it was 8am and we were watching the bulls run from the top of some pillars. The atmosphere at that moment is indescribable. Breakfast of croissants and fresh OJ then back to the apartment. I’m finding it difficult to write about it as the feeling is so much more than words can describe. It’s a weekend we will never forget and it’s a must do for anyone travelling to Spain around July. The craziest party / fiesta there is. Ahhh what a weekend!!

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned, Alanah and I have some epic adventures planned!
p.s apologies for the overuse of the word ‘epic’, I just have no other word to describe it haha.

x .j

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