R O M E : I T A L Y

Two nights in Rome was just enough for Alanah and I. It didn’t take long for it to be re-iterated to us both that we are definitely coastal people. We arrived quite late in the evening and headed to our couchsurfing hosts apartment in Trastevere. Francesco was very welcoming and took us to this funky rooftop bar. Unfortunately we were so tired we headed home just after midnight. Francesco’s apartment was super cool and had an epic wall full of books, Library style.

The first day we headed into the city of Rome to do some exploring;
Now; we aren’t the biggest city people, so when we go to the city it would be ideal if things were easy… We found Rome to be a very vast city and quite hard to navigate.
We lucked out and found ACAI BOWLS first thing, yassss… The Romans are yet to perfect the bowl, still, we got our dose. We found the trevi fountain, had an ice-cream (of course) and got lost down all the side streets. Shopping along the way, stopping in at bars, and a trip to the Colosseum in the afternoon. The amphitheatre is breathtaking.
That’s one thing I love about Rome, hands down, the architecture.
We then headed back to the apartment, quick change and back into the city to meet a friend from Melbourne, Shane.
Shane met us at the Trevi fountain (nice and central for us because we are kooks when it comes to finding things), we went and got an Italian pizza from ‘the best place in Rome’ and yet another ice cream. We sat by the trevi fountain with wine and truffles, threw a few coins in and headed to a bar. A few cocktails and ready for bed.

The next day we decided to head to Vatican city, in hope to see the Pope. Sadly no Pope.. surprisingly a lot of desert.. this being because for once I let Alanah direct us. Vatican city was 10 minutes from our apartment, Now somehow we ended up 1 hour away. That’s 1 hour there and 1 hour back. Safe to say im back on the maps. Haha. The Vatican city architecture is truly incredible. I was blown away from the moment we walked in. After exploring the city we stopped for an OJ, we paid 14euros for half a cup of orange juice. That’s around $20.. what we have learnt; Vatican city is Fkn expensive.
We headed back into the centre to do a bit of shopping picked up a few bargains..
And last minute (as always), we decided to book a bus down to Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. Leaving less than 2 hours to get sorted, we were on a mission. All morning we did jack, then suddenly overdrive kicked in and we were catching busses, trams, and trains to get to our apartment pick up our bags then back into the city to find the station. Hot and sweaty we made the bus! 6 hour journey down to Amalfi.. and that’s another story, because we had NO accommodation booked and it was the two busiest weeks of the year.. typical Jac and Lans..

Ciao for now
x .j

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