F L O R E N C E : I T A L Y

Again, forgive me for the delay in my posts… Now let me fill you in on our adventure to Florence;

It Took us a while to find our air bnb (no surprise) wrong buses, end of the line transport and taxis that wouldn’t come.. after all that we found our place. It just so happened that one of our hosts was Australian! And after our long trip to find this place there was nothing better than being greeted by a familiar accent. Also can I mention this was the best air bnb we have ever stayed in! Little gift basket, huge room, comfy bed and right in the heart of Florence!! Literally just down the street from The Duomo (the main cathedral of Florence).

We had a few days here, and we loved it. Not being city people this was a nice surprise. Small city, wicked cafes, friendly people, amazing architecture and the markets.. oh the San Lorenzo markets. L E A T H E R baby… tonnes and tonnes of leather. Lana and I were in heaven. If you are wondering why we camped in tents the rest of our trip this is why haha, just kidding but seriously we spent far to much on the leather..

My Fondest memory of this city is the San Lorenzo leather markets so if you’re heading that way, trust me when I say you wont be disappointed!

x .j

3 thoughts on “F L O R E N C E : I T A L Y

    1. jacinewland

      Hey Ash!!
      the only way to begin is just to do it!! book a ticket! Don’t worry about anything, Everything always works out!!
      I have always worked in retail, as store managers. However regardless of my job, thats never been the reason that allowed me to go! i have always just been so determined. I am very fortunate in that my parents have always travelled and allowed me a very privileged up bringing in the sense of travel. not material things, but experiences. Also if you are really wanting to go but not sure how to afford it, look into working holidays! i have worked as an au-pair in Spain where you work for your keep. And now, i’m working on a superyacht 🙂
      Create a little plan, and make it happen 🙂 if there is anything else you want to know just ask 🙂


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