Week 1 : The Yacht Series

Sunday the 2nd of April
Arrival week : The Yacht Series

Hola and Welcome to ‘The Yacht Series’.
Each Sunday I plan to write a little recap of the week and what we got upto.
It may be in depth & detailed or it may just be a paragraph.
It may have many of photos or it may have none.
It may thoroughly interesting or it may not be interesting at all.
I have no idea what these next 7 months will entail and that is THE most exciting part!
So if you’re interested in knowing what I get upto, chuck your email on the side bar and hit follow! I wont be spamming you, it’ll just notify you when a post is uploaded 🙂

Now; a recap of this past week!
We travelled for over 40 hours to get to Malta.. To say we are still getting over the jet lag is an understatement. The journey was smooth – no hiccups at all (apart from Ellen after the 20 rum and cokes we consumed haha).
Our emirates flight was a real highlight (Dubai – Larnaca – Malta)
Even getting a few dates off of Georgi.. I will admit, we were a little shocked when he bought us a date from first class.. as in a shrivelled pruney fruit.. should have seen the look on our faces haha.
We arrived in Malta on Thursday! 
After a short drive, we got to what will be home for the next few months and to say I was in awe would be cutting it short. The boat is B E A U T  I F U L .
A stunning superyacht.. I feel like I’m living a dream..
The next few days we relaxed, explored cool locations – (Mdina & The apples eye),
Hung out with Ellen’s friends, ate delicious food, drank champagne, worked out on top deck, and of course watched all the sunsets.

Tomorrow (Monday) is our first day of work for the season. I’m very excited to start working 🙂
For now, we are going to get ready and head to this cool irish bar / pub called ‘Black Gold’. Our friend Andy is Dj’ing there tonight so there will be a few of us down there! It should be quite fun.

As you can tell, not to much happened this past week but I have no doubt over the next 7 months of Sundays, there’ll be a few interesting ones!

Ciao for now,
x .j

p.s hit that follow button on the right, I dare ya 😉

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