Week 2 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 9th of April
I LOST ELLEN : The Yacht Series

First working week done and dusted! We are preparing the boat this month so working away like busy bee’s. I’m loving learning new skills and ways to do things. This is a job I’ve never done before, its exciting to start something new. I’ve lucked out so hard having Ellen as my chief, she puts up with my 100+ questions a day and everything else! Works work, so let me fill you in on our escapades throughout the week. I wont always write like this (day to day style) but just so you get an idea how the week rolls out. It’s work all day till around 5 then ill talk about the afternoons.

The last time I wrote we were heading to Black Gold for a few drinks with friends.
God knows why we decided it would be wise to do that on a Sunday night, but let me tell you – it never ends with just a few… Knowing full well we had our first day of work the next day, jager shots probably weren’t the wisest choice.

Monday was a struggle and a half to say the least.
Lucky for me; Ellen is my boss. And when your boss is just as hung as you it makes the day 10 x better.
We made it through the day and treated ourselves with a hefty Mexican feast, yeh babyyy. It was delish and the Drink of choice – water.. Sparkling of course.

Tuesday – work and a nice big run after to St Julian’s. Then movies and an early night.

Wednesday – We did a HIIT workout circuit on Top deck with Radman (cheffy).
Ellen and I have it in our heads we are going to be super fit by the end of the season, I think we will be.. As long as we keep exercising and eating well! Cheffy has to stop tempting us with desserts!!

Thursday.. Well that afternoon we got STITCHED up! we were on our way for a run.. all well and good, until we got pulled into a shop to ‘try’ the skin products. Lets just say an hour later, we had a new best friend Liran, left with only two products and a free facial (which we are very excited about), and are now broke. 
Oh and the funny thing? by the time we left, we didn’t even end up running!

Friday afternoon we were craving some wine! Just a nice glass of rosé to end the week. Andy picked us up and we went to Paceville. Started at Hugo’s (which is a primo bar overlooking the water), We indulged in a glass of Rosé. I ducked to the bathroom and when I returned my wine glass was full again and there were 6 shots lined up.. at this moment I knew it would no longer be just ‘2 glasses of wine’.
You see; Ellen and Andy are on a mission to ‘corrupt me’ per say.
The thing is I like to have a glass of wine here and there. And very rarely do I go and get wild wild. Ellen IS the definition of WILD. I can NOT keep up haha!
and Friday night was NO exception.
After Hugo’s we went up the strip, into every bar, having shots, cocktails, G&Ts and a dance. I was dusted at 3am so Andy took me home.

Oh and I lost Ellen around 1am I think, Where she went… no one knows!

When I woke up on Saturday, still NO Ellen … I was freaking.
Thought she might have fallen in the water trying to jump back on the boat, I had no idea.
Tried to call – no answer. message – no reply.
My hungover head was not dealing and I fell back asleep.
Around 9am Ellen came through the door still looking as fresh as the night before, we had a cuppa and spoke about the night. We will leave it at that, hehe. 
The rest of Saturday was a scattered mess, we got pizza and ice-cream and watched movies all day. Then late afternoon we met up with my Friend Declan who I met in Australia doing the STCW95 course (which did prior to getting a job on the superyachts).
Turns out he scored a job here in Malta and his boat is right across the road from us!
We took him to the Mexican, had another feast, and believe it or not (considering how hungover we were) we had a Gin and Tonic! After having the G&T, the hangover was gone, I kid you not! Maybe we just needed 1 (or 3 who’s counting?) to take the edge off.
Later said goodnight to Dec’s and quickly ducked into Funky Monkeys to say hola to some mates. A quick chat and a little dance we strolled home. Movie and Bed – yes please!
We only ever get 10 minutes into the movie before passing out haha, hopeless.

And that brings us to today – Sunday!
Woke up feeling amazing. My favourite part of the day is the mornings, and to wake up on top of the world like I did today is my all time!
We made an epic breakfast and then went on an adventure to Valetta!
Valetta is like nothing I’ve ever seen, the limestone buildings are something else.
We had a spot of lunch and came home. Its not the nicest weather today, So Ellen and I are off for our Facials  (the ones we got stitched up into buying haha).
What other way would you want to spend a Sunday though?
Pamper time!

Hope that wasn’t to long of a read.. like I said earlier it wont always be a day to day recap.
I think it’ll be more a summary of the week.
I just thought id try it like this, how it takes.

Hope everyone had an amazing Sunday ❤
Ciao for now.

x .j

p.s that follow button is still on the right. Hit it, I dare ya 😉

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