Week 3 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 16th of April
Easter Weekend : The Yacht Series

Happy Sunday Lovers!
It’s Easter and here I am, in Malta, not one chocolate consumed and we are out for a run..
I must admit, for a chocoholic and someone who isn’t the biggest fan of running this is quite an odd combination.
Don’t worry, I’m not running with my laptop. I am taking a breather while the secret ‘Usain Bolt’ aka Ellen, runs an extra 2km (I’ll skip that one).
I did my 3kms and that’s more than enough for me haha.

That week flew by! We worked until Thursday and had the long weekend off.
Not to much happened early on in the week.
We took Declan shopping (kitted him out at Zara), had picnics, did a sea trial, ran a fair few kms, and ate a lot of cheese.. mmm cheese.
Lets talk about Tuesday.
We finished for the day, went for a run and decided to have a dock picnic.
We made some delicious vegie meals and set up along the wharf to watch the sunset.
Ellen, Declan and I thought it would be nice to end the day with a Gin & Tonic.
Now we all know it never ends with 1…
2 hours later we could be found at ‘Black Gold’, G&T’s in hand having a good old laugh. Being a week night we made an agreement to be home by 11pm.
We were sticking to that until we got back to our island and decided that we were the hungriest people on the planet.
Declan had gone home so this was a mission for just Ellen and I.
Scoping the street’s we walked all the way back to the little crepe shop next to Black Gold. (Would have been very convenient had we not just walked all the way home hahah)
Now, tell me this. Would you turn down a 3 euro Ferrero Roche, white and dark chocolate crepe. I think not. My god that thing was delish.
Ellen and I could then be found sitting on hire bikes across the road, peddling backwards as our way of burning off that delicious feast.
(The diets going really well, can you tell?)
We got home just before midnight, perfect.

Thursday and Friday was when the fun began.
We knocked off early on Thursday and had planned to have a nice glass of wine to bring the weekend in. Before we did that though – Run time. A cheeky 4km.
Post run we met up with Declan and found this epic beach view bar and ordered a bottle of Rosé and of course, a 5 cheese cheese platter.
(Ellen and I are having a constant debate whether we are cheese or chocolate girls. Still yet to figure out)
At this bar (I have no idea what the name is) we met the guy who introduced Shisha’s to Malta. We ordered 1 and if we guessed where he was from we got a second for free.
Declan got it first go, god knows how. He was from Libya and a total legend.
After our first bottle of wine we got a second, and then onto the strawberry daq’s, we must have been there for hours.
After that I bet you can imagine we were a little giggly. Somehow we ended up at the Mexican place eating guac, fajitas and sweet potato fries. I’m not quite sure why we were there, probably hungry (I’m starting to see a pattern, Eat, drink, repeat.. hmm).
Andy joined us at TexMex, He was Dj’ing a private function at ‘Native’ and invited us to join. Who were we to say no?
We had trays of tequila, pints of jäger, and safe to say we were far more than giggly by now.
Dancing through native we ran into our Libyan shisha friend and had a drink and dance with him. Like I said, he was a total legend. We need to somehow find him again.
We bumped into a few of Ellen’s friends as we were skipping bar to bar. For a girl who lived here quite briefly, She knows the city and it’s people.
Lets fast forward to 4am. Sitting out the front of Native, munching down on veggie mushroom pizza slices waiting for Andy to come save our sorry souls haha.
He did. As always. He drove us home and we tapped out.

Friday was a blur. When I woke up at midday Ellen had made a feast.
(she was definitely still drunk. It was like an episode of masterchef)
Eggs, veggie burgers, avocado, broccoli, roasted tomato, was the whole gourmet feast.
After that we knew we had to get out! We perked up and went to beach (the beach without sand anyway).
Sunshine, Swims and Salt water is the cure to anything!
Having already ruined our diet with the consumption of alcohol we went to find some Pasta. Surfside Bar was where we went. Cheffy and Andy joined and then so did Alan and Nick.
It was Nicks birthday!! So can you guess what came next?
Jäger bombs…
Ellen and I were on our deaths bed but once we had that shot we knew we could go again.
The gins started flowing, and the ocean got more and more tempting so we went for a late afternoon dip. We turned into ice cubes. We all then went our separate ways (for the next hour at least).
The next mission was to find the car.. Cheffy forgot where he parked..
Now I’m not sure who out of my readers has ever been to Malta. But the side streets are like grids and trying to find a little blue bubble was proving more than difficult. The only directions cheffy could give us was
‘I went this way (moves hand) then this way (moves hand again) and then stopped there’.. try following that.
After half an hour we found the little blue bubble and were starting to sober up haha.
Once we got home, we headed a stones throw away to ‘Funky Monkeys’ where we met back up with the guys. Being Nick’s birthday the drinks just kept on flowing.
There was a very interesting point in the night where Ellen and I met an overseas rugby team and decided to create two sides and go up against each other in a game of Botchi..
Losers buy jäger bombs. There’s no staying sober in this country.
We had a full cheer squad. It was insane.
My team won by default..
Ellen and her team disappeared.
Which meant we got double the jäger’s. Now that’s the real win..
We met some very cool people that night. It got to just after midnight and I could no longer handle it haha. I left Ellen, found a kebab shop and skipped home with my juicy falafel goodness. Ellen wasn’t to far behind me (I think).
Not much to report about Saturday.. It was the after effects of 2 days of drinking.
We did nothing interesting, except swim at the beach and come home to watch 2 seasons of Scandal. We started it yesterday and we have one more season left. We stayed up until 2am watching it. If anyone’s looking for a good series to watch, ‘Scandal’ is where its at.

And then here we are today. Easter Sunday. We had an amazing breakfast cooked by cheffy, watched a few episodes of Scandal and then went on our run.
Was good to get off the boat for a little bit, except today is definitely a lazy day. We did our exercise and now its time to relax.

Quite an extensive read. Woops.
I’ve also added a few little snaps that I took on my phone.
I hope you all had a wonderful Long weekend from wherever you are in the world!

Big love & Ciao for now,

x .j

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