Week 4 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 23rd of April
First Vlog : The Yacht Series

Hola Amigo’s!
I’m not going to delve into the week because to be honest, not much happened!
Apart from chronic migraines, exercise, work and catching the flu.. Riveting, I know.
This weekend I have been sat curled up on the couch, watching episode’s of ‘Scandal’ and drinking really weird concoctions that Ellen makes for me (I don’t know if they are legit or if she’s just whacking together a whole bunch of cumin, tabasco and other herbs.. Maybe she’s trying to kill me? or maybe I’ve watched to Much Scandal.. either way I’m still sick haha)

One of the things I did accomplish which I’m so happy about; I finally finished editing my very first Vlog!! YAY.
It’s just a short video I put together from our flight to Malta!
You can watch it on my YouTube channel which I’ll link below!
It was a very beautiful, sunny day here in Malta so we went and explored Blue Grotto and Dingley Cliffs.
What a sight that was.
Have you ever just looked out at something so beautiful you don’t know what to say or how to react?
That was me when I was looking over the cliffs towards Blue Grotto.

Now, you see. I was going to make this blog post a discussion.
I was going to voice some thoughts in my head recently revolving around the word ‘YES’. However, my poor little brain is fried from this flu and I think I need to take a nap.
The discussion will still happen, My brain never stops ticking and the only way to get it to remotely slow down is by writing it down!
Nanna Jac is out, which means its time for me to turn in.
(I just woke up from my ‘nap’ and realised this still hasn’t been posted. I fell asleep  at  4pm. It is now 11pm. Woops)

See the link to my YouTube video! Let me know what you guys think 🙂
And also below I’ll put some pictures from todays little exploration.

Happy Sunday Lovers.
Ciao for now,

x .j

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2 thoughts on “Week 4 : The Yacht Series

  1. Sally Paule-font

    Loved the vlog! Keep them coming!
    Hope you start to feel better soon Jaci.

    Will be seeing you both in Croatia I hope 😘


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