Week 5 : The Yacht Series

Monday 1st of May
Another Long Weekend : The Yacht Series

Good Morning!
Firstly let me apologise for not posting yesterday.. (Sunday)
It’s a long weekend here, and today is pretty much my Sunday;
I genuinely just forgot.. sorry about that!

Secondly, Can you believe we are already 5 months into 2017!?
This year is going way to quick!!

The week just passed we spent finishing all the final details on the interior of the boat to prepare for our journey to Turkey.
My goal this week was to workout everyday except Sunday and we did just that!
A totally of 20kms ran over 4 days and a mix of HIIT cardio circuits on the other 2 days.
My body was aching on day 3, except with continuing to push through I now feel a positive difference. My muscles are still sore, but a good sore. The kind of pain that makes you want to workout again. I can see how people get addicted to training.

Every Tuesday after work we have been going to do a yoga session with Belle.
I have been to a few yoga classes in my time and I have to say, the way Belle makes you feel, move and the way she instructs you is by far the best.
Every time we walk out of her studio; I feel liberated, re-focused, motivated and excited about life.
She has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years and practising for over 30.
Safe to say she is someone you would want to have a class with.
If you are ever in Malta and get the chance to go to one of her classes, I would highly highly recommend it.

On Wednesday we had a cheeky dinner at Hugo’s with Andy.
Delicious food and even better wine. It was nice to break up the week with a little outing.

Come Friday we were exhausted.. just wanting a good nights sleep and an early wake up for a fun adventure on Saturday. Did that happen?
Of course not.
It’s Malta and Friday night never means staying in..
We started the afternoon with a sunset picnic on the bow, cheese platter, wine, blankets and good music. Pure bliss for a quiet night in..
However, Black Gold was having a ‘Aussies in Malta’ night and we took that as sign we HAD to go. We met up with Declan and Anthony and after one drink we decided to move to Funky Monkeys. Guaranteed a good night there.
Once we arrived, we soon realised it was an 80’s night.
I do love my older music but all Ellen and I wanted to dance and considering Funky’s usually produces the beats we were a little heartbroken. That didn’t stop us though, the wine kept flowing and so did our dance moves. It would have been around 2:30 when we left, and as per usual the hunt for a kebab was on. Strolling the streets in absolute Hysterics. Declan can become quite the riot when he’s had a few drinks, add Ellen to the mix; you should be able to imagine how funny the night was turning. I have never laughed so much!
Forget all the exercise I was doing to get Abs, that night got me there haha.
Finding no Kebab, we skipped home, got in the kitchen and made a feast. I kid you not, we made gourmet Veggie burgers, sides, lemon water the whole shebang. We sat at our table, 4am, devouring this food. Then rolled into Bed.

Now – I can NEVER sleep in, so I was up at 6:30am ready to jump off the boat. Not from being hungover, but from having absolutely no sleep. I was so tired… Saturday we ducked out for a little bit to get a life saving coffee, and some post cards. Then spent the day tanning, reading and writing on the top deck.
Somehow we got a second wind and did a workout on top deck.
The plan then was, early dinner and SLEEP. Again, did that happen? No.
We really couldn’t be bothered cooking so we went out to find something, healthy and light. We walked, and walked, and walked, and somehow we walked our hungover selves all the way to Paciville.. (the place that takes your soul). We ended up back at Hugo’s and got the exact same as Wednesday night.
Veggie sushi, veggie tempura and springys. Mmmm, oh and That bottle of wine again..
The staff also bought us a few shots.. there was no way we were having ‘an early night’. We kept telling each other we would be going home before 11pm..
Just as we finished out bottle of wine, another one got delivered to our table..
Confused, surprised and secretly very happy we were yet to discover where the wine came from. The table next to us.. two lovely gentlemen, Justin and Stefan.
They joined our table and the wine kept coming. Two more bottles and a few more shots. We moved onto Hugo’s Terrace. (Hugo’s has ‘the lounge’ where we ate for dinner and ‘the terrace’ which is a beautiful bar across from the ocean. They are on the same street, just one is at the top and the other is at the bottom of the street).
As we are strolling down there I lost Ellen.. I didn’t notice until we got to the terrace.. woops. There is one place I thought she might be.. Nordic. Andy was Dj’ing there so after some more wine with Stefan and Justin I found her there, I was going between the two for the next few hours then left the terrace and joined Ellen at Nordic.
Said Ciao to Andy and somehow ended up at the pizza place.
I swear on weekends our diet goes straight out the window!
In bed by 4:30am..I say fml because I knew I would be waking up at 6:30am, and as always, I was.

Yesterday I did not want to do anything.
Again, I wasn’t to hungover I was just even more Tired!
Declan dragged us off the boat and I’m glad he did otherwise I would have spent the day in bed. We went to Valetta, explored, had a spot of lunch and checked out some other super yachts. Once we got back to the boat Ellen and I pulled our beds out to the bow and had an
Afternoon nap.. the worlds longest nap, I woke up at 8:30pm haha. (Sorry Declan, we were all suppose to go for dinner.. I slept right through that didn’t I).
Elzy and I made a beautiful roasted dinner and sat on the bow, watched the fireworks and went to sleep at the most reasonable hour, 10pm. Thankgod for that.

Today, I feel fresh as a daisy. We are just about to get ready and go for a hike / trek. Aiming to get to St Peters Pool!! If we get there, ill have a vlog about that 🙂

This post turned out Longer than expected. I’ve had 3 coffees and guess I’m on a bit of a roll.

What’s on for this week –
We will be doing our crossing to Turkey, It should take around 4/5 days to get there.
I’m excited for this next step on our journey.
I will be offline for the days we are at sea, so hopefully I’m able to upload a post on Sunday. I will have time to write so as long as I’m able to, the post will be up on Sunday!

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!
Take everyday as an opportunity.

Todays thoughts wrapped up in a nutshell;
I take a deep breath and breathe in the light of a wonderful day.
I see a beautiful life before me, and I am so grateful for all that I have.
I know that the universe awaits my eager desire to co-create many wonderful new opportunities. I am so happy to be alive!

Ciao for now,

x .j

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