Week 6 : The Yacht Series

Wednesday 10th of May
The Crossing : The Yacht Series

A Day to Day diary of our crossing from Malta to Turkey.
I don’t expect to much to happen, I just thought I would write this way incase something amazing does.

Wednesday the 3rd of May –
Today we left Malta. We are starting our journey towards Turkey. It should take around 4 days to get there. I thought I would write day by day. Not that we will be doing to much as we are in the middle of the ocean but it’s a good time to reflect and think when not on watch. Every 2 hours we rotate the crew to be with the captain on watch. We have an 8 hour gap in between each watch which is perfect. My first watch was at midday today, and I have to tell you. Sitting up on the bridge looking out at the deep blue, with nothing surrounding you is like no other feeling.
We seen pods of Dolphins, a few turtles, and a whole lot of ocean.
After my first watch I went and layed on the bow. Falling asleep in the sunshine to the rocking of the boat to waking up with a tshirt and short tan.. wonderful..
Ellen soon joined me and within minutes we were both asleep again!
After we woke, we decided to do a short but intense workout on the top deck, followed by some yoga.
We then found out the hot water wasn’t working so a very icey shower it was.
Followed by a delicious dinner of tomato cous cous and steamed veggies, a film and some dark chocolate hehe.
My next watch is at 10-12pm and after that ill be going straight to bed!
Until tomorrow.

Thursday the 4th of May –
Day 2 of the crossing.
Rotating watch between the rest of the crew, I did 8-10am and then 6-8pm.
With a nice big break in the middle, of course I went top deck for a solid tan sesh.
From 10 am until around 2:30 I layed in the sunshine.
Reading up on meteorology, and embracing the surroundings which consisted of nothing but the deep blue. And let me tell you, it’s a sight to see.
Being in the middle of the ocean, with nothing around you except blue water brings a feeling of deep calmness.
Moving with the water, motions of the ocean, blue sky, salt air.
Of course, after a while I fell asleep, and Elzy joined me.
We woke up and did a workout. Sweat city and back down to yet another icey shower…
It wasn’t half bad after sweating up a solid storm on the top deck.
Not long after, we found out the hot water was back on and all we had to do was wait 20minutes.. typical.
As we finished all the seasons of ‘Scandal’ we needed a new series..
I’m not sure how I feel about it but we have started watching ‘Geordie Shore’.. see how we go with that one.
Just after 8pm I had finished watch so I got my blanket and pillow and went up to the top deck to look at the stars. Sleeping under the stars is pure heaven. However the temperature did drop and the swell picked up, so down to my room I went.
With the swell change and it being a little rougher, it was enough to roll me out of bed!
So far, I’m constantly bruised since moving onto the boat haha.
Crashed out like a light and set my alarm for 3:30am. Next watch was at 4am.

Friday the 5th of May –
Waking up at what I thought was 3:30am.. I made a coffee and went up to the bridge.
Only to find out my clock had gone an hour forward and as we were following Maltese time it was only 2:30am.. I tried to go back to sleep for an hour but the coffee had me buzzing. The time flew and I was soon on watch. Not much happens at 4am.
Ill tell you what does happen though – Insanely beautiful sunrises.
I bought my camera up with me and at just after 5am the clouds started to break with light and the sun began to rise.
My god. Watching the sun rise over the ocean has to be my favourite view in the world.
When my watch was over I went back to sleep.. only to be woken by Ellen.
She ran in and shook me, just saying ‘dolphins!’. I climbed out of bed, camera in my hand and ran to the bow. Finding a pod of dolphins swimming along the boats bow, Breaching every few seconds with the sunshine glistening off their bodies.
Smiling as wide as I could I was hanging off the boat trying to capture some photos. Filming a little bit, but mainly just embracing the moment. It was magic!
After a while they disappeared and I went back to bed, thinking I’d rest for an hour or so it was soon 12pm. I found Elzy and we decided to stimulate our minds with a few games of Backgammon. Time soon ticked by and I did my next watch.
To top an already great day the hot water was back on! Very happy gal.
Today is the first day we have seen some islands!
Its so nice to see land forms after 2 days of nothing.
I’ll have a nap soon to rest up before my midnight watch.
We hope to arrive to Turkey tomorrow afternoon!

Saturday the 6th of May –
The midnight watch went quickly and I passed out straight after. I woke to calm seas and a beautiful hazy sunlight.
The morning watches were cancelled as we were due to arrive around 1pm!
We helped the boys clean the boat so that once we arrived it was all done and we could just relax.
We docked in Anatalya, and opened a bottle of red and the lads cracked a beer. We cheers’d to a smooth journey and a safe arrival.
A few hours later we headed into Old Town for some dinner. After loosing each other at the start we eventually found the crew and had a few drinks, then up to this killer restaurant for dinner. The view.. I never expected Turkey to be so beautiful.
First impressions, I’m loving it.
Food and Wine went down a treat and safe to say the wine won this round.
I was well out by the time we were leaving.
Earlier in the night Ellen face planted the ground and by the end she got pushed into the Rose bushes haha standard night for the lass.

Sunday 7th of May –
Surprisingly, not hungover… For Elzy, I cant say the same. Poor girl had raki shots at the end of the night with the boys and I happily declined those ones as I was already to far gone. Haha. All she needed was a cuddle and her energy was lifted.
A little morning snuggle then off for a Turkish bath. F**k me. BEST. THING. EVER.
We went to this spa that Ellen went to last year, it was marble heaven.
We got the whole package.
First thing was a salt room, then fish feet, next to the sauna (great to sweat out all the alcohol haha), then into the steam room (so much sweat). After that we went into this HUGE marble room, it was beautiful. We went into separate rooms and layed on these huge marble blocks, the lady then came and scrubbed my whole body, put this foam bubble stuff on, gave me a wee massage, washed my hair, the whole ‘Bath’ experience. Oh and the stuff that came off of my body was as if i was a snake shedding my skin. mmmm. When they scrub you, they are literally taking all of the dead skin away. After that whole body cleanse we went to another room for an hour long massage. Turkish Massages… yes please. They put hot rocks on your body while they massage the rest. It was heaven, she cracked my back so many times, had her elbow in my neck and her knees in my hips but god it was good.
After 2 and a half hours we were finished.. all pampered out we headed into old town to do a bit of shopping and grab some lunch. We found this epic restaurant down a side street, walked through the entrance and it was an old castle turned restaurant. It looked over the old town and the ocean. Service was impeccable (although I think the waiter was just in love with Ellen haha). We ordered way to much food, as per usual. Cheese platter, Caprese salad, two types of pasta, and a bottle of sweet white wine.. pure heaven. After a few hours wining and dining we rolled out of the castle and into the markets! Did a bit of shopping then back to the marina. We did a workout, made some stirfry and finished the day with a bit of Geordie shore.
There you have it, the crossing and then some.
Sorry its so long and hope I didn’t bore you to much.
Also apologies for not posting on Sunday, I have not had any wifi, internet or phone for days.
It was actually a blessing. Detaching from social media and my phone. A very nice break.
We are just off into town now to get our phones connected.
Hope you all have a great week! Ill be back on Sunday (hopefully) with a new post.
Things will start to get hectic from this week onwards.
I’ll try to stay on top but I cant promise there may be a few delayed posts!

Ciao for now,

x .j

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