Week 7 : The Yacht Series

Monday 15th of May
Olympos : The Yacht Series

Good evening Amigo’s / Amiga’s!
What a week and a bit it has been!
For the first part of last week I spent sleeping in a tree house at a place called Olympos, next to ancient ruins which run alongside one of the most pristine beaches I’ve ever seen.. can I go back now?
The second half spent doing the final touches on the interior of the boat.
The Guests arrived late last night so I had this blog post already written and prepared on Saturday (Look at me go, posting on time for once haha)
(^^ just kidding. Yet another delay, I had no internet and have been working from sunrise to the late hours of the night!)
Lets talk about Olympos, I would say that was definitely the highlight of the week.
We got a hire car and headed south! Olympos is just over an hour from where we are docked and such a scenic drive. In comparison to when you head north and get caught in what seems like the grand prix , speeding through the streets, cars switching lanes every second without any warning whatsoever. Talk about having your whits about you.
Which ain’t easy when already driving on the other side of the road! Anyway, excuse my road rage.
Back to heading south.
Driving through picturesque mountain ranges with hallowing winding roads to the sounds of Phil Collins is something but a dream. When we reached the turn off to Olympos we headed down the steep mountain. Hair pin corners on nearly every bend we eventually reached the bottom. Cruising along until we seen the Olympos sign we turned left and headed down only to find the most unique, peaceful, rustic village.
One dirt road filled with tree houses lining the edges, outdoor bars, wooden huts with lounges covered in the most beautiful Turkish fabrics.
Dogs roam the streets, people are smiling, reggae music is playing, very few cars as people ride bicycles. This place was a slice of heaven.
We had no plan, all we knew was this place had been spoken about and considered a ‘must see’. We parked the car and strolled down the road, in absolute awe of our surroundings. Behind the treehouses are some of the highest mountain ranges. This village is situated in the valley of two mountains. Hot as hot in the day but geez it was fresh at night.
We eventually stumbled across ‘RockBull Altaris’. Boasting angled wooden treehouses, farm animals roaming, and bob marley playing in the background. We found the owner and asked if there was a room available. Basic facilities and rooms at a very low prices he took us up the golden staircase to treehouse number 1 only to find 3 people already in there, woops.
Back down the pathway into treehouse number 4. The best one by far, we had an overlooking view of the village whilst being amongst the trees.
Threw our bags in and decided to go check out the place. We went to this funky bar with the wooden hut lounges and laid back for a few hours. G & T’s were flowing and we met our new friend.. lets call him Turtleman. He wore this green shirt which resembled to us a turtle and after a few gins anything sounds normal. We laughed the night away.. literally somehow it was nearing 10pm and we told the guy from our accommodation we would come back for dinner.. at 8:30.. we ran back with turtleman only to find the guy with a small frown on his face. He told us to sit down, so we did. And within minutes dinner was in front of us. There was no such thing as looking at a menu, it was get what your given or go without. No complaints though, he gave us a right spread. Bread, salads, pasta, a variety to say the least. After eating the feast, Turtleman officially joined our adventure. Below our hut there was a fire burning, we sat around warming up ourselves in preparation for potentially, a very cold night. Saying goodnight to Turtleman we retreated to our little hut. We curled into our beds, which had no sheets and barely a blanket, even still, the bed looked like fluffy clouds after that day.

We woke up to the rooster squawking. And as we were getting ready for the day we realised our little treehouse had aircon.. which meant heating.. which meant the toes that I’ve now lost from being frozen could have been prevented. Nevermind.
We had breakfast where we were staying; Classic omelette and Turkish tea. Enough to get the day going!

At the end of the dirt road, past all the tree houses there was a gate, curious as to what was behind we paid a small fee of 20 turkish lira, around 4 euros, so $6.50 to get in.
An archaeological ruin site is what we found.
The Lycian empire.
Ruins that are fragmentary and widely scattered amidst the thick greenery of wild grapevines, bay trees, wild figs and pines. All just a stones throw away from from one of the most beautiful beaches which runs a freshwater stream through the rocky gorge. It was such a surreal feeling discovering the mysterious site while walking through overgrown fauna. Nowadays you see ruins to be so artificially preserved that some of the magic of their age disappears. Not here though. Not in Olympos.
After exploring each nook and cranny there was to see in the ruins we found ourselves layed out on the pebble beach staring straight into the crystal clear water. Swimming, tanning, chatting. Heavenly. We eventually headed back into the village, to yet another outdoor bar. Turtleman and I were chilling in the bungalow and Elzy was swinging in the hammock. Now the fact is, we were suppose to be heading back to the boat that night.. did that happen? No.. it was already mid afternoon and we were getting way to comfortable at this ourdoor bar! That is where we stayed until the sun went down, then back to our treehouse for dinner. Another relaxing evening, enjoyed with a few games of backgammon and a G&T.

We left early the next morning.. leaving Olympos was like leaving paradise. Back up the mountain and north to the boat.. It was hard to get back into work mode after a few days of R&R. Never less, we got straight back into it with the rest of the week spent working and the afternoons exercising and a few cheeky Turkish massages!

There you have it! Week 7 wrapped up.
Right now, i’m working hours I didn’t know were possible so forgive me if my posts are short, not to interesting and more than likely – delayed.
Have faith though; when my day off does come round, an adventure will be had and it will be something to read about.
I also have about 4 videos to edit and upload so they will come soon enough to!

I have attached a few flicks of Olympos. If you have the desire to go to Turkey, which I would highly recommend, put Olympos on the ‘must see’ list!

Ciao for now,

x .j

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