Week 8 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 21st of May
Work Time : The Yacht Series

Am I actually posting on a Sunday? I think so!
This week has been one of the most intense & exciting weeks of my life.
Our guests arrived and let me tell you; there are no days worked less than 12 hours.
To any yachties out there both who have done it before and who are currently, here’s to us. And here’s to the many G&T’s we will be sinking once the charter finishes.
As many knives, forks and spoons I’ve polished, beds I’ve turned, wines I’ve poured and shirts I’ve ironed – I have loved every minute of every day!
I catch myself smiling as I’m ironing and ill tell you why –
Because I’m on a beautiful motor yacht, in Europe, working alongside some of the most amazing people, for some of the most amazing people, in some of the most amazing places. There is absolutely no place I would rather be right now.

My day starts at 6:30 and I’m usually tucked in bed just before midnight. The days are nonstop, and go rather quick!
Ellen and I sometimes find half an hour to an hour spare after we set for dinner.
In that time we jump off the boat, go for a coffee, a swim, or at the least a wander.
One afternoon in a place called Fethiya, we went for a stroll into the old town. It was just after 7pm and we had to be back before the guests which was around 8pm. We found a very funky rooftop bar, had a coffee and a cheese platter of course.
What felt like 15 minutes was actually 55. Time had slipped right past us and so did the guests! We were on the top of this building and noticed the guests walking back.. s**t! Quickly fixing the bill and dodging the traffic we had to make it back as sneakily as we could. We didn’t make it before the guests, however we did go unnoticed and it was as if we never left the boat! Lucky!
Most days we have been lucky enough to go for a swim in some of the most incredible spots with the bluest water. The owners have named Ellen and I ‘the mermaids’.
Another daily constant is there are always 4 words on top of the staircase. Each day a four line poem must be written and read out by the end of the night. Of course, I joined in. Just to myself, writing on little pieces of paper and putting them in my uniform. Until it caught wind to the guests and now I am reading them to the guests each night. It is a privilege to say the least.
Todays words are – Dream / Cream / When / Then. I am yet to finish it.
The words yesterday were –  Played / Layed / Cheer and Dear.
This is what I came up with;
Under the glistening sun we layed,
Watching as the crowds danced and played,
Hearing in the distance noise and cheer,
Times like these are a favourite my dear.
Now dubbed as the romantic by the guests, its a title ill not deny. #hopelessromantic

Today is our Last full day of the charter! We thought it was 10 days, turns out its 8!!
A very nice surprise. We will finish tomorrow morning in a place called Goćek. We have a few days off there before the next charter and I’m excited to check it out!
I’ve seen a few mountains I’d like to climb, beaches I’d like to swim in and bars Ellen and I will no doubt find ourselves at!

Hope you enjoyed a little insight into what I am upto. Not to much to write about this week, except I’m sure after our days off I’ll have a few stories!

Ciao for now,

x .j

Something totally unrelated –
A very beautiful person sent me this the other day and I think its to relevant to many people and situations not to share.
‘Don’t let anyone turn your heart cold. One bad experience doesn’t mean you have to carry it around blocking beautiful energy from entering.’


Happy Sunday Lovers x

4 thoughts on “Week 8 : The Yacht Series

  1. Sally

    Probably my favourite blog yet!
    Love hearing about the actual ‘work’ you girls do on the Yacht.
    Sounds like a dream!


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