Week 9 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 28th of May
Goćek : The Yacht Series

Good Morning Babes!

How easy I forget what day it is! I am writing this on Saturday to be sure its posted on time. We start the next charter tomorrow and this one is for 17 days..
I’m not sure what my posts will entail over the near 3 weeks so forgive me in advance!

Lets talk about the last few days – We finished on Tuesday and cracked open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our first charter!

I have lost track of days and what happened when.
Most days were filled with swims at the beach, shopping in the markets, exploring Goćek and the occasional G&T.

It must have been Wednesday night and we decided to head to Fethiya for a drink.
After 6 of us crammed into a 4 seater taxi (Ellen and I being shipped to the back) we made it. We went to the local ‘Scorpian Bar’ (they call it this because the lady working there has the worlds longest rat’s tail and a scorpion tattoo wrapped around her neck). From there we stared the night with a few Hendricks.
I lost track of time there, it must have been a few hours at least. Next we were heading up the mountain with a guy named Musafa..
He owns one of the market stalls in Fethiya and so kindly drove us up there.
It was around 40 minutes away and supposedly the ‘happening spot’ of Goćek.
(Not that i’m really into nightclubs at all, just thought ‘When in Rome’). Arriving there it was very similar to Paciville, in Malta! 
Nightclubs, bars, shisha lounges and of course – endless Kebab shops.
Musafa took us into this club called Revolution.. it had a fire pit out the front, outdoor and indoor bars and plenty of people.
The night from there was a bit of a blur, especially for poor old Ellen..
I remember my night as dancing with the Dj, on the bar and with our group, a few to many G&T’s to say the least. 
Ellen however remembers walking into Revolution and that’s it..
It didn’t take us long to realise she got Ruffied, shows how careful you have to be in some places.. 
It was so lucky we were all there with her at the time.
Around 4:30am we left the club and Musafa drove us home.
We arrived to the Marina only to find Ellen could not walk, and I mean; not in a drunk way, in a ‘she’s been spiked’ way.
Her eyes were pinging! but her body could not react.
Executive decision; I put her in the laundry trolley and pushed her back to the boat.
Elzy flew down the flight of stairs because her legs gave out and she crashed into her bed. Still in her dress I could here her catching some zzz. At that point I knew she was okay and I passed out as well.
Myself being an early riser I woke up at 6:30am, an hour and a half after getting home. There was NO way I was getting up, so back to sleep I went.
I got up around 10, Ellen was still snoozing so I went out and layed on the bow. After my stomach started to growl like lions in the wild I decided it was time to get some breakfast/lunch and wake Ellen up.
It was just after midday now and Ellen was STILL drunk! (She has bruises and a few bumps on her head from her stack down the stairs)
Laughing at everything, skipping around, making no sense whatsoever haha. 
We found ourself at this restaurant / pool bar located at the end of the marina (a short walk we thought was best). After indulging in an omelette we chose some sunbeds and set up by the pool for the day. Elzy fell asleep and when she woke up she didn’t even remember having breakfast.. Still out of it and probably about to hit the worlds worst hangover I decided to order us some Bloody Mary’s, that’ll fix her I thought. I was feeling pretty good compared to Ellen which makes us know for sure she got spiked. We drank the exact same amount, of only gin and tonic and for me to be up and about and her to look like shes about to die..? something was definitely up.

That afternoon we somehow picked up the energy to go for a run, and what we came across was pure paradise. Following the path to the end of town we stumbled across a bridge that looked over into a village surrounded by canals.. It was like Disney land. We kept running up and over the hill to what looked like a massive retreat. Golf buggies driving around, everyone on push bikes, smiling like they were taking something other than oxygen.
We kept running down this golden path and came to another path of scattered stones. Leaping from one to the other it lead to this little wooden wharf which was situated on some of the clearest water I have viewed..
Now trust me when I say I have seen some clear water, Positano, Capri, Croatia, and this is right up there! I NEVER expected Turkey to produce such amazing things. I knew Turkey was renowned for fabrics and material heaven, which it has not let down. But the beaches, the food, the people – are all just as incredible.
The next few days were spent at this secret little spot on the wharf. We hired bikes and rode there everyday, coming back into town for lunch, or packing a picnic. Each day was divine. I would say we are quite local in the town now, as we ride our bikes people greet and wave to us.
We no longer have to hire the bikes either, the guy just lets us use them.
In the main street of Goćek there are no cars – its walking, bicycles or these electric bikes everyone seems to use.
So getting through the town you always bump into familiar faces and stop off for a coffee or some traditional Turkish Mezes (Which are by far Ellen and I’s favourite) Hummus and beetroot with the freshest bread you can find.. ahhh now im craving some.

To wrap it all up;
We spent our last day off with a packed picnic, music, our secret wharf spot, and a backgammon set.
My ideal day.
Sipping coconut water under the Turkish sun, looking into water so clear it has no distortion, playing backgammon listening to sweet soulful tunes…

And on that note, ill say Ciao.
Time to get ready for this next charter!
Happy Sunday lovers

Ciao for now,

x .j

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