Week 10 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 4th of June

Good Afternoon babes!
First let me start by saying a HUGE happy birthday to Ellen!
The one who keeps my blog interesting, who has given me a lifetime opportunity, who makes me laugh, and gives so much love. Ellen, Happy 24th Birthday! I’m so happy to be on this journey, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather see every single day!.

This week.. Hmmmm. A lot of work, the usual. Although, on Tuesday we did get to go to these ruins with the boss. That was pretty cool, and a nice way to break up the day.
Apart from that though, just work.
We left Turkey and headed to Greece.
Arriving in a beautiful bay, at a place called ‘Symi’. Rocky, Barren Symi has thrived on the success of its sponge-diving fleet and boat building industry. By the 17th century it was the third-richest island in the Dodecanese. Its population had fallen from 23,000 to 6000 by world war II, and the mansions built in its heyday were crumbled.
This little touristy harbour town is one of the most beautiful in Greece. Surronded by neo-classical houses and elaborate churches built on the hillside. Its often busy with day trippers particularly later morning and early afternoon.
The people are amazing and the bars know a good glass of red. If you ever get to Symi, check out the bar LOS. Its got an epic old school art gallery on the top level as well!

Next stop – RHODES!
Now that was an experience.
2 nights here and rest assured some fun was had!
First ill give you a little insight on Rhodes. It’s the largest island of the Dodecanese. Nicknamed ‘The island of the knights’, after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who once conquered the land. The town is walled. Similar to the likes of Vatican City. Where there are huge stone walls which surround the whole town. To enter the old town you go through what looks like a castle arch. Once you enter the town, its alive. Buzzing with shops, people, restaurants and bars.
After arriving in Rhodes and finishing our working day; Ellen and I were craving a red wine. Into the old town we went. Searching for a little bar with good atmosphere there was no shortage. After walking around aimlessly trying to decide which one to go to we settled on this one called Fuego Bar; No Pasa De Moda.
With a huge Mexican skull artwork on the wall, outdoor bar, and a good vibe, we went in. Only thing was that the don’t actually sell red wine. Its all cocktails and spirits. Onto the G&t’s we went. Sitting on this lounge, listening to old classics two more G&T’s arrived?
We didn’t order them though.. From across the bar this man had bought us a round. He came over and introduced himself. A small chat then back to just Ellen and I. It was not long and we got asked if it was okay if this group joined us, of course we said yes. Only to then find out it was a a Bucks night. 15 Men just joined our ‘quiet night’.
It wasn’t long until the tequila shots came out.. And I bet you can guess where it went from there. After setting a curfew for ourselves of 1am.. it was soon 3am and we were dancing in this club called Colorado.. The night is a bit of a blur and I will leave it at that.
Safe to say Rhodes took our soul. Somehow we found a taxi and the marina, got a Jiro (like a Kebab but with hot chips inside it to) and stumbled home. I had to work at 6am and if only you knew the struggle. Saturday wasn’t that bad considering (maybe we were still a little drunk) and the hangover really hit around 3pm.. A quiet night last night was in order and today we woke up fresh as daisies for Ellens birthday!!

And there we have it. The guests left yesterday and now it’s  just have the owners on board.
We have been able to swim everyday so far and the water here is next level blue. Taking the flippers and snorkels out we swim deep and over to the cliff faces in search for marine life.
It honestly doesn’t even feel like we are working when we are in the water.
I am SO grateful to be on this boat, with such incredible bosses who allow us to swim and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Not every boat is like ours.

I am currently writing this on my break. Where I sit on the top deck looking out at the incredible mountains and the blulest sea. Is this actually my life? Am I actually sat in a little cove in the Greek Islands?.. Pinch me.

Ciao for now,

x .j

p.s there is a new Vlog on my youtube, check it out! > https://youtu.be/5h82Tj9islg

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