Week 12 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 18th of June
Bodrum : The Yacht Series

Believe it or not I had this typed and ready to post on Sunday..
Let fate have it that I ran out of internet and its now Tuesday haha.
Also, we thought the guests were arriving on Thursday and there’s Ellen and I lapping up the sun, tanning, swimming, overindulging, only to find out on Sunday they actually arrive tonight. TUESDAY.
Safe to say we wrapped up our towels quick smart to get back and prepare the interior for the guests arrival.
So not only did I run out of internet, I ran out of time.
Anyway, Below is the post I had ready to go on Sunday 🙂

– – –

Good Morning and happy Sunday!
First let me start by saying thankyou for taking the time to check out my space. It really means the world to me and to be able to see the statistics of where you are all reading from across the world is mind blowing. So again, Thankyou!

This week we said adios to the guests and headed from Gocek to Bodrum.
To break up the what could have been a 10 hour journey we stopped for one night in a sweet little village called Datcha.
Datcha was a crack. We popped a bottle of champagne and headed to a nice little beach bar for dinner. The next day we swam in the icey clear water and continued our journey towards Bodrum. 4 hours later and we arrived to the busy city. Its been a change going from little remote ports and docks to a city filled with people.
It’s bursting with friendly faces and good food and not only that but a short taxi ride to a beach called Bitez (where Ellen and I have found ourselves each day since we arrived) it was was swarming with sunbeds, beach bars and clear water, Perfection.

I’ll tell you what, in no way did I ever ever think Turkey would be and look like it does.
What the media has done to Turkey is appalling. Everyday the locals apologise to us and try to convince us that the media has exploited them in way which isn’t true. They don’t need to convince us though; we can see it. This humble beautiful country has been hit with media outrage. It has wildly reduced the tourism and with the less influx of people; inturn, is less income of business. Equals = a downward spiral of their economy.
Before coming to Turkey, Yes I had doubts. There were internal wars and the government was shutting down things left right and centre. Wikipedia is still not accessible over here. However; since arriving, I have not once felt unsafe, at harm, or unwelcomed in this country. In fact it’s the polar opposite. I have felt safe, welcomed and overwhelmed with gratitude. Each store, shop, place we enter, the people greet us with a smile in hope that we may be the people to purchase something from them that day. Even with everything that is happening and has happened to Turkey, the people still open there shops everyday, walk with their heads high, and smile at the tourists that still visit this picturesque place.

I have enjoyed being in Turkey more than I can ever explain. No picture will do this place justice and no words I speak will either. If it’s not on your bucket list, add it!

Now, what else did we get upto on our days off..
We got a few massages, did a bit of shopping (and by a bit I always mean too much), and spent every other hour under the sun.

One of my favourite things we did whilst in Brodrum was visit the Bodrum Castle which houses the Museum of underwater Archaeology. Arguably the most important museum of its type in the would and a veritable lesson in how to bring ancient exhibits to life.
Based on Rhodes, Greece. The Knights Hospitaller built the castle during Tamerlane’s Mongol invasion of Anatolia in 1402, which weakened the ottomans and gave an order of opportunity to establish foothold here. They used marble and stones from Mausolus’ famed Mausoleum (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) which had collapsed in a series of earthquakes.

If that’s not enough to blow your mind, I don’t know what is.
I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to history, especially in other countries.
I’ll leave you with that, the knowledge that my 21st century footsteps spent a day walking through a place built with stones from 375 B.C.
oh and a few snaps from this beauty they call Bodrum!

Ciao for now,

x .j

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