Week 13 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 25th of June
The Word ‘Inspire’ : The Yacht Series

To re-cap this week in one word.

So inevitably I don’t have much to write about.
Except something that did play on my mind; and took me all week to answer, a question.
A question I was asked to answer and I couldn’t answer straight away because it was a difficult one.

I’ll ask you –
What inspires you everyday?
Seems like a simple question right?
Except if you really think about it.
It’s not asking you about what inspires you in work life, social life etc. It’s your ‘everyday’. What wakes you up in the morning, gets you excited, liberates you.
What inspires you EVERYDAY!

For me?
I am inspired by so many things.
The Ocean, Travel, Nature, Personal Transformation, Poetry, All things colourful, The blessing of life. I find my deepest well of inspiration simply in the process of creating something out of nothing. Whether I’m going for a walk, flying to the other side of the world, or writing on my blog, all of these things bring me a breath of fresh air.
Intriguing and different.
Inspiration, truly, is everywhere.
You just need to open your eyes a little bit to see it is all around you.

Find what inspires you and let yourself feed on it every damn day.

Buenos noches amigo’s, see you next Sunday

x .j

(p.s that follow button – Hit it, I dare ya 😉

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