Week 14 : The Yacht Series

Tuesday 4th of July
And We’re Off : The Yacht Series

Good Morning Babes,
Happy 4th of July to the American Readers 🙂
I know its Tuesday.. my bad.

To recap the last week; we had guests, so the usual – work.
Then a wee 2 day break, which really only gives us time to make the beds and yet somehow we managed to fit in – a night out with the crew, plenty of ocean swims via the tender, a cheeky wakeboarding session (which I’m still sore from), a shopping spree, and oh, did I mention? WE BOOKED SAIL CROATIA!
We may or may not have been under the influence when doing so.
Regardless, we are stoked!
Securing the last two spots on the Split > Dubrovnik sail, I am more than excited.
Last year Alanah and I wanted to do it, except we opted not to.
Seeing as I’m back here this year, with 25 days off in Croatia. Why not!?
I’ll be sure to put together a video from the week, look forward to that one!
For now, I’m away to finish up with these last guests before we set off on passage to Croatia. Currently in Mykonos it should take around 3 – 4 days. Although, the seas are a bit rough right now.. let’s see if we even leave Mykonos today.

Right guys, I’ll be back on Sunday 😉
Also there are two new Vlogs on my Youtube! if you want to check them out,
like, subscribe, all that jazz. I’ll be posting a lot more seeing as I have some time to adventure this next month!

Ciao for now,

x .j

(p.s that follow button – Hit it, I dare ya 😉

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