Week 15 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 9th of July
Cavtat, Croatia : The Yacht Series

Love at first sight?
Felt it? Seen it? Been amongst it?
A beautiful little town just south of Dubrovnik in Croatia called Cavtat, has given me just that sensation.
Streets with no cars, palm trees engulfing sidewalks, timber beach bars on the waterline, and restaurants with some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten.
You can Run around the town in 20minutes, which Ellen and I have been doing each morning. The path leads you through the town and then around the waterline looking across to the mountain ranges and a little further in site is Dubrovnik.
This place really does give you some serious feels.
We are here for around 25 days!
Although Ellen and I will be skipping off next week to sail Croatia. It’s a perfect place to start our break and end our break.
How we lucked out and have this much time off, god knows. All I know is that we do, and I am going to relax.

As I mentioned; on Saturday Elz and I are off on sail Croatia, YAY.
I highly doubt I will be posting on Sunday.. I intend to be sipping cocktails in the sunshine, jumping into crystal clear waters.
What I will be doing though is making a video from the week which ill put together and post instead!

Just a little post this week to touch base.
Not too much has gone down except total relaxtion. Its weird to not have work to do.

Ciao for now, hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

x .j

^ Cavtat, Croatia
(p.s that follow button – Hit it, I dare ya πŸ˜‰

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