Week 19 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 6th of August
Catch Up : The Yacht Series

Hola Amigos!
Long time no talk!
I have had bits and bobs of this post written for a while and have been so busy back at work I haven’t had time to finish it and or upload.
Its been nearly four weeks since I did my last post and I must admit, I’ve
missed it.
Like anything; building a habit is hard, and staying consistent is harder.
The exception being when you love the habit.
I love writing for you guys, and creating I suppose an ‘online journal’ for you all to read.
The last post received over 25,000 reads… not many for some, but HUGE for me!
Still blows me away!
I guess my biggest default would be – posting on time, every Sunday.
The reason I am hopeless at this is because I barely know what day it is normally; and when I’m working (like right now) Time is nothing except ticking numbers.

So, where have I been?
Well the past month I’ve been enjoying all that is Croatia. With days off in the sun, a week spent on Sail Croatia, another few days enjoying Cavtat and then the past 9 days working.

Our time off begun in Cavtat which I spoke about in the last post and from there Ellen and I went up to Split and did a week of Sail Croatia.
Now first let me start by saying – if you aren’t ready for a boozy party week, with absolute legends and seeing some of the most beautiful island’s.. then this isn’t the sail for you.
And if you are! Then I suggest you start planning a summer trip.
Our navigation started in Split and over 7 days we worked our way down to Dubrovnik.
I’m going to try and re cap the week as best I can. I know for a fact I will have missed so many things. I will just write about the main nights and be as elaborate as I can remember.
Each day we would anchor somewhere beautiful so we could swim and drink until the sun set. After that we would dock in port and head to a club / beach bar / cave / jungle party; you name it, we did it.

The first night was a total right off as we quickly learnt about ‘The Bell’.
Little FYI, never put a bell and tequila near Ellen and Myself.
The concept is, if you ring the bell, you buy a tray of shots for the whole boat.
Ringing the bell copious amounts of times on the FIRST night, with 25 shots of Tequila each round.. safe to say we were off to a merry old start.
The crew on the boat learnt very fast to always have a stock of Lemons.
The first night was a ‘family night’. Everyone getting to know each other over one too many buckets of long island ice tea’s. And as you do on the first night, you get wild.

The second night we had a themed pirate party. Everyone went and bought outfits from this little pirate shop and got ready for yet another big one. There is something about themed parties that gets everyone in the mood. Just as we were finishing getting pirate ready we heard the bell ring.
Pauly (yet another lover of tequila and usual suspect to ring the bell) striked again. Quickly putting my bandana on we headed up for the shot.
The first of many. We partied on the boat until midnight and then headed to ‘the Cave’.
This place was insane! Literally on the beach, where the cliffs meet the sea there’s a cave. Inside the cave is this huge bar / club. Epic music, strong af drinks, and a hell of a lot of room to get your groove on. Sandy floors, meant barefoot dancing.
Solo, I thought I was Beyonce, dancing around with all my single ladies.. in otherwords just myself. Lol.
As per usual I lost Ellen for a few hours in there somewhere.
Ill tell you what though, the beauty of losing Ellen is somehow we are like magnets, always finding each other again, and when we do it’s the greatest moment because I can then confirm – she’s alive.
With no reference of time the night escaped us.
The only thing that bought me out of my entranced state, was when we went outside the cave for a minute and then *splash*, I was in the water. Haha.
I blame the fact that Croatia has crystal clear waters and I honestly did not even realise I was in there.
Into the sea I went, bag and all.
At that point, after my little dip in the sea we knew it was time to call it a night.
When I say ‘call it a night’ I actually mean call it a morning because it was around 6am when we stumbled out of the cave back to the boat.
A small rest, and yet another missed breakfast.
My friend Tom did sail Croatia last year and told me before we came that if you actually make it to breakfast, you aren’t doing sail right.
Now at the time I did not believe him, I was thinking – as if we would miss breakfast?
I can honestly say I now understand, and Tom – you were right.
The crew were even pushing breakfast back an hour because no one was turning up at the suppose to be 10am breakfast haha.
Out of the 7 days I think Ellen and I successfully made 1 breakfast and the others we managed to scram a piece of bread from the kitchen.

What happened next.. I am seriously struggling trying to recap the week in order.
Maybe it was Hvar.. yes.. Hvar, we’ll roll with that.
After anchoring for the day at yet another beautiful bay we arrived into the city of Hvar. Docking alongside what seemed like a million other sail boats we eventually found our place. The unfortunate thing about hvar is that there are noise restrictions. Which means after 9:30pm you cant play loud music.
This is a major blow when your’e literally on a party boat which plays music all day and night. The only thing this meant was that we were going to get off the boat sooner rather than later. After finding a bar with 2 – 4 – 1 cocktails we were well underway for yet another great night. The plan was to go to Carpe Diem, a club on an island just near hvar. After a few cocktails we were on our way to the ferry, only to have a change of mind.
Deciding not to go to Carpe Diem the 4 of us girls found a quaint little cocktail bar and ordered some espresso martinis (now that’s my ideal).
Elzy being Elzy, itching for a dance finished her espresso and headed to Carpe.
After one more cocktail we headed back to the boat for a well needed sleep. Mind you it was still just before 4am that we were heading back.
6am rolls around and im getting shaken out of my bed.
Its Ellen. Shes back. Shes drunk. Shes hungry.
After whipping out the friendship card, I rolled out of bed and onto the street with her (I’m still in my pyjamas btw). A short walk and we were at the bakery, a few spinach rolls and plenty of water bottles we retreated back to our humble abode. Sleeping at dawn for a few short hours we were soon up and at them, and by *them* I mean tequila shots haha.
After hours in the sunshine swimming and drinking (by now you can tell this is now the daily routine). We arrived to Korcula and it was time for the ‘Jungle Party’.
We headed to ‘Dos Loco’ –  a cocktail bar which had 2 for 1 with everyone from the boat.
After one to many long islands it was time to head into the mountain. A short Taxi ride and we arrived to the Jungle. The most random club amongst the trees! 6 of us decided it would be a good idea to get a bottle of vodka with pretty much no mixer and sit at our table devouring it like water.
Probably not the best idea I’ve ever had.
After that the night was a bit of a blur, up until we got back to the dock..
Instead of finding our boat we made friends with these people and headed to theirs.
That’s when it hit me. The realisation that I was soo far gone and needed to get home. I was having like a mini panic attack trying to escape the boat. Ellen kept saying ‘its okay, just look at the moon’. And every time, we would both look up at the moon then absolutely lose it in hysterics. I ended up doing 4 laps around this boat trying to find the stairs to escape. Only to eventually find out one of the guys was sitting in front of them which is why I couldn’t find them. Smoke bombing the F out of there I was on a mission to get back to our boat. Thinking I was being quick I mustn’t have been because Ellen soon caught up to me. The relief of seeing her. I don’t know what was going on, but my god. I was on a different planet.
After hopping through a few boats we ran into our friend Cameron.
We stayed with him for a bit chatting about unicorns and the unknown and then somehow made it back to our boat.
Searching and searching in our room for a snickers bar.
Mind you, we had not bought a snickers bar, there was definitely NO snickers.
Yet somehow, we had it embedded in our mind that there was one in our room and we spent the next hour looking for it. Of course, no luck.
Eventually we fell asleep waking way after breakfast time and managed to sneak some bread from the kitchen to tie us over until lunch.

Next stop – Dubrovnik. The last night on our sail, and no doubt going to be a big one. Once we arrived to Dubrovnik we all headed into the old town for a look around and too do this cliff jump everyone had been raving about. Im not joking. This cliff is on the outside of the old town and just In front of this cliff bar called Buza.
Epic views and amazing waters below.
There are 5 jumps. A 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 35m. Of course being the over confident person I am I was like yeh, ill do the 20m no worries.
We climbed up the rocks and I stood there looking out thinking. F**k.
Of course It was too late to back out, there was a crowd around.
Elouise had gone before me and done it no problem.
As I stood forward to jump I seen a rock below me that I could easily hit if I didn’t jump out far enough. I went to jump and then hesitated. My legs were shaking. After a few shouts from the crowd I dove out. And when I say dove I mean DOVE. I launched myself as if I was going to dive 20 metres. Muppet. Soon realising what id done I had to pull myself back and retreat into a pin drop, within seconds. Somehow I managed to do just that, having the perfect entry. From a shaky start to a successful landing I was happy. I did it.
Ill put the picture here so you can see exactly what I mean.


After swimming and enjoying the sunshine we all headed back to the boat. Out for one last dinner with everyone then to get ready for the last hurrah. The night had been planned to start at Sky Bar, and later head to Revelin – The biggest club in Dubrovnik.
We arrived to sky bar and got a bucket and some tequila shots, the usual.
I don’t know what happened after that but the night went from 0 to 100 real quick.
I just remember looking over at Ellen from the other side of the bar as she launched her purse across the room. Why? I have no idea. I just remember climbing down off someone’s shoulders to race and retrieve it before someone else did. Scoping along the ground I found it and put it in my bag.
I lost Ellen for a while there and around 3am we came back together. The plan was to head to Revelin.
That plan did not eventuate.
We got outside sky bar and could barely string a sentence together.
Thankfully Camo and Jono were there and they were kind enough to take us back to our boat. Not of course before stopping at the bakery for our usual favourite of hot spinach rolls and aqua. It was around 7am by the time we eventually got back to our boat. Standing in front of our room, I asked Ellen where the key was. She had no idea. I immediately remember her throwing her wallet across the bar and assume the key was in that throw. Now lost somewhere in Sky bar, we were locked out of our room with now only 2 hours before we had to leave the boat. I was not the happiest of humans at this stage.
Trying to break through the window, that didn’t work.
Trying to wake up the crew to let us in, that didn’t work.
The only thing we could do was stay awake until someone with a master key woke up.
Time was ticking by and all I wanted to do was have a shower, lay down, pack my bags and leave. It was only then I realised Ellen had gone. Where? Again I had no idea.
Freaking out I’m trying to call her, no answer.
Looking around the boat, no discovery.
I recruited Luke and we were on the hunt for her.
Scaling through boats, looking in all the nooks and crannies still no discovery.
It wasn’t until the 7th boat we found her curled up on an outdoor coach. Happy as Larry with not a care in the world.
Not factoring that we were leaving in an hour and still locked out of our room. I asked why she bailed and she said she was looking for her purse.
The one she threw across the bar.
Not thinking to ask me, she went on this little mission, when all along I had it in my bag. Typical Ellen. Back to our boat we went.
The thing that happened next was the best; I seen the chef! Relief.
This meant a master key, which meant getting into the room, which meant – happiness haha. We had to pay around $50 for losing the key, I was so happy to be in.
For future, I know I will hold onto the key!

We paid our tab, which was the biggest of the trip, caused mainly by ringing the bell too many times. Picked up our bags, said our goodbyes and waited for our agent to pick us up.
Very very fragile we made it home.
Thank. God.

So there you have it, Sail Croatia was a once in a lifetime thing. I’ve done it, I probably wouldn’t do it again (my liver couldn’t hack it), but I will remember that week for the rest of my life (well sort of, there was a lot of tequila involved haha).
Its fair to say we had the best boat. We had the boat that everyone wanted to come join. The boat that people would hop onto night to have a dance and a drink with us. Every person on our boat was a complete legend. The girls, the guys – Love you all.
Sleep was a NO and alcohol was a YES. With that mentality embedded into everyone’s head, it was a fun week.

To wrap up the week in one word – loose.

When we got home, we were destroyed. It took us a solid week to recover and not to mention a few bloody marys to help.
Ellen came down with a nasty, nasty chest infection and we were both coughing like wild dogs from all the singing, partying and the toxic shots we had consuming.
After 6 days of absolute chill in blissful old Cavtat it was time to get the boat ready. With the guests arriving at the end of that week we dipped our toes into a different task each day and by the Friday we were ready to go and could kick back, relax with a cup of tea and some trash t.v aka, Geordie Shore.

Its since been 9 days with the Guests on.
This charter has gone so quick and is running like a dream.
They will leave on Tuesday and we will go to Corfu for a few days and stay there until the next trip.

I apologise for the length of this post and also the delay!
Hope you enjoyed the read and i’ve out a few snaps below! considerng, I didnt actually take that many photos! I will be editing a little video though once I get all the drone footage! 🙂

Big love & Ciao for now

x .j

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