Week 20 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 13th of August
Corfu : The Yacht Series

First let me start by saying  can you tell I’ve not had internet on my laptop for the past 8 days.. hence delays.. #hopelessblogger
Here is a post I had written, ready to be posted on Sunday the 13th, enjoy!

Evening babes,
Its just past 8pm and I’m sitting on the bow, smelling something delicious that cheffy is cooking up and surprisingly, not sweating. Its been ridiculously hot here and even at night still around 30degrees. A refreshing change.

How those past few days just flew by. Its Sunday again and I feel like last week was a blur. This may have something to do with the fact that 3/7 days, it was.
We Left Croatia and arrived to Corfu on Tuesday I think it was.
And after a day of work preparing what we could, it was time to crack open the Asti (Tradition when we finish a charter).
I have to say, never having Asti before joining this boat, it’s a definite new fav,
After a few flutes it was of course onto the G&T’s, something cold and refreshing was needed. We arrived on one of the hottest days being 38 degrees.
So what else do you do on a Greek island in that heat, with absolute legends but hit a beach club.
Pazuzu was where we went.
Easily, by far, the BEST beach bar I’ve ever been to.
Amazing vibes, incredible people, and a Rosé that was flowing way, way to easily.
The first thing we did when we arrived was of course, Tequila shots.
After that we got a bottle to go and headed to find some lounges on the beach.
Right by the water, we secured a spot.
To be honest with you, after that my memory starts to fade from the beach.
We would have had at least another 4 bottles of Rosé between 4 of us and a few more tequilas. I do remember at one point running up to the little 7/11 and buying some bat and balls so we could have a few games in the water (while trying not to drown).
Oh and that reminds me, we then had a serious session of shoulder wars. Always good fun until someone gets cracked in the face, that someone being me. Hahah I tapped out for a little after that.
Laughing, drinking, napping / passing out, making new friends.
All the good things went down.
As the sun started to fade it was time to find a new place. We headed to this bar that overlooked the water and a port with other yachts, there we ordered a few more drinks.
I was properly dying by this stage. Still managing to down a few gins. Ellen and I decided it was Gyros time.. so off we went on a mission to find some!
Devouring two, we headed back to the bar to find the boys. After joining them, it was time for the next place – Walking down the streets, Elzy was dared to somehow, claim a bike from someone.
As in, get someone to just ‘give’ her a bike.
God knows how, but she battered her eyelashes and rode off on a bicycle!?
Of course she came back and returned the bike to the kind boy and his father. S
eriously though, this girl got skill!
Hailing a taxi we headed to the biggest club in Corfu.
Did I mention we had no shoes?
Well we had 1.
Getting around with one thong and one barefoot we made it into the club. I had a beach bag the size of a house so I had to ditch that behind the bar to really be able to get the groove on. After losing the bag, we hit the D-Floor.
Insane deep house bass music was going down and safe to say we were all well up with the fairies.
Constantly losing each other, then finding each other was the over all.
Elzy had some dude infatuated with her and would NOT stop following her.
I was on a mission to help her escape.
Every time I thought id succeeded, he would pop up behind her on her shoulder like a little parrot. It was too much hahah.
The night filled with barefoot dancing and dodging broken glass somehow slipped by and the sun soon begun to rise.
We were in the club until the last song and then stumbled onto the street like lost puppies. Trying to hail a cab at that hour was way to hard so we retreated to the beach for a small kip until a more reasonable time. Eventually we found a taxi and headed home.
I was out like a light on the outdoor couch, Ellen some where or rather and the boys, still kicking on. I made it to my bed around 7am and was out cold till around midday. I can never really sleep after a big night so I was up and ready for some grub.
Unlucky for me, everyone was still zonked out. I occupied myself with some little jobs and then eventually the Elzy woke up. Her usual hungover self – a total crack up. She got ready and we headed for some breakfast (it was 3pm so more like lunch, but who’s checking).
Massive breakfast, Off to the beach, and then the only way to end a day like that – pamper massage session and a feast at a local indian.. perfecto.

The next few days we were ridden to the couch.
Days filled watching trash t.v.. Geordie shore and ex on the beach.
Then the last 2 days we got back into it and completed getting the boat ready.
Heading to the other side of the island, we docked in the port right across from one of the bars we were at on our wild night out haha. All the memories came rushing back.. well sort of. And there you have it, a few days off on the island of Corfu. Too .much. fun.
Exhibit A – a photo I cant recollect taking..


Talk soon amigos 🙂
Ciao for now,

x .j

P.s If there is anything in particular you would like me to write about, feel free to send me a message on here. I would love to hear some of your feedback!
If you find it interesting, if the posts are too long, more pictures etc etc.
Just let me know!

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