Week 21 & 22 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 27th of August
Short & Sweet // The Yacht Series 

Two weeks in one post.. that’s where I am at right now.
I have just finished a 17 day charter. It was a long one to say the least.
Not too much happened over those two weeks. Groundhog day describes it. No complaints though, all the guests were amazing. They always are. I think it was just maybe a little bit to long for all of us crew. Not having time to ourselves to break the time up.
Regardless, that trip is done now and we only have 2 more trips left!!
Right now we are in Zakynthos, Greece and will be here for two days before crossing to Naples, Italy. With a few days there before the guests come we will prepare the boat. From there we have the 2 trips left in Italy. We will end in Capri I think.
I am SO excited to go back! It was this time last year Alanah and I were getting lost along the Amalfi coast, eating the delicacy’s in Positano, and diving off the cliffs in Sorrento. I cannot wait.
Once those trips are over we will head back to Malta for a few weeks winterizing the boat.
We then get flown to London and stay at the owner of the boats hotel, and celebrate with them at the Fireworks Party they throw each year. I’m excited to go back to London.
Plan is from there; to fly homeeee.
Back to Melbourne for a little bit and then pick up my van and cruise back to my favourite paradise place that is Woolgoolga. Summer back home is my favourite.

Like I said, not to much to update.
Right now, im sitting on the couch, hungover as all f. As always, end of charter tradition.. Asti, Cocktail Jugs, and into the town. Zakynthos is like a little Surfers Paradise.
Party, Party, Party.

I have got some ideas in the works which I will share with you soon, and hope to get some feedback of what you all think!
For now, I will leave you with a link to the most incredible Drone Footage Mick took of when we anchored at Shipwrecks Beach.
You will know the beach I’m talking about. It’s the one on everyone’s bucket list for a photo. We were there at a time I don’t think will happen again very soon. Raging bushfires burned behind the mountains, Helicopters with water-bombs flew up above, and the beach packed with tourists. I feel so lucky to have been in this incredible place, and viewing all of this from the beauty of our boat which i’m so grateful to call home and work.


Big Love,
Ciao for now

x .j

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