Week 23 : The Yacht Series

Sunday 3rd of September
Checking In : The Yacht Series

Happy Sunday lovers.
Guess where I ammmm. ITALY!
Yes baby, I’m back. Boy am I happy to be. Italy has a strange sense of calmness to it. Even though it is overly populated and tourists roam the streets.
Coffee and Croissants have filled our mornings. Pizza, Pasta and Red wine our evenings.
The ideal.

I’m currently laying on my bed contemplating a nap or to go for a wander…
I’m leaning more towards a walk because our guests arrive this afternoon and will stay for 8 days. We don’t get many opportunities to get off the boat when we are on charter so best to make the most of it while we can.

Our crossing from Greece to Italy went smoothly and since arriving we have just been relaxing. I finally managed to edit a little video from an adventure to Apples Eye in Malta.
Ill attach the link to my YouTube if you want to check it out!


Like I said, the next 8 days are work work work and the we have 10 days off!!
I have no doubt in those 10 days ill have a little more to tell you about. For now, just a short post checking in. Check out the YouTube video and ill see you guys next Sunday!

Ciao for now,

x .j

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