3rd of March 2018

Whats new?
What isn’t!

I am absolutely loving being home.
I’m working back at Coopers Surf managing our biggest store.
I have started working towards something VERY exciting with my bestfriend – which will all be unravelled in good time. That is probably why I have been MIA on here.
We have been focusing on that. I am trying to get better at multitasking..
What else // Renee (my sister) is getting married!! I am the maid of honour and I cannot wait to stand by her side next month as she marries her soul mate!
OH!! I bought a new car – YAY (same as what i had when i lived in Melb ahha, a Veloster – yeh baby), and a new surfboard – double YAY.
I also signed up to an 8 week challenge and got my self a personal trainer. I can honestly say I have been feeling so much better about my body since I started, and I’m feeling stronger than ever.
To me its not about anything other than feeling confident in my own skin. After working away, I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would have liked and eating irregularly definitely paid tribute to the fact I wasn’t feeling 100%. Now I am back on track and working towards achievable goals.
I am cooking more. I LOVE being in the kitchen. My mind switches off from everything else and I focus on the food in front of me. I will be posting a few of my ‘all time favourite’ recipes on here for you all to enjoy!
As I am sitting here typing away I am smelling the aromas of a creamy coconut vegetable korma I have simmering on the stove; and before you question, of course a glass of red is beside me.
I have been enjoying a Marlborough New Zealand Pinot Noir, TA_KU is the label.
Would recommend.

Other than that, I’m just going with the motions.
I am off to Bali on Tuesday, with 3 of my best friends. Excited is an understatement.
Since I came back from Europe I have been working non stop!
Cannot wait to be relaxing in the sunshine.

There is a lot happening this year for me and I’m excited to share it with you guys!
Thankyou for staying with me as I took some time off, now here’s to me trying to get to you guys every week again with an array of topics. As always.


Big love,
x .j

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