Week 7 // The Yacht Series

The Lycian empire. Ruins that are fragmentary and widely scattered amidst the thick greenery of wild grapevines, bay trees, wild figs and pines. All just a stones throw away from from one of the most beautiful beaches which runs a freshwater stream through the rocky gorge. It was such a surreal feeling discovering the mysterious site while walking through overgrown fauna. Nowadays you see ruins to be so artificially preserved that some of the magic of their age disappears. Not here though. Not in Olympos.

Week 4 // The Yacht Series

This weekend I have been sat curled up on the couch, watching episode’s of ‘Scandal’ and drinking really weird concoctions that Ellen makes for me (I don’t know if they are legit or if she’s just whacking together a whole bunch of cumin, tabasco and other herbs.. Maybe she’s trying to kill me? or maybe I’ve watched to Much Scandal..